April 13, 2014

thought i'd share...

I am currently obsessed with single-cup coffee drippers. I still like my french press but I want something different. So, as is my inevitable way, I will move on to something new until I tire of it and so on...and so on. Follow this link to see what I mean.

We love to entertain. I thought this idea of a 'sticky notes' wall at my next party is so much fun. Finding sticky notes all over the house with messages from my guests...can't wait to try it. 

I love to cook. I have way too many pans though. Most I use...some I buy and never do. One that I use all the time is my cast iron pan. I sear, sauttee, roast to my heart's content. You will never cook a fritatta in any other pan again - trust me. This recipe is so light and delicious I am sharing. Really...try it.

April 12, 2014

graphic skirt...

This is an art piece...that's what fashion is really. It's art. These graphic skirts may have been trending for a while but every single time I come across a street pic online I want to stare at it forever. I want one that I can wear all year round. And when I purge my closet...a piece like this is a keeper.